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What We Offer

More Than Executive Searches

Collaborative Problem Solving

It’s more than a transaction to us.  That’s the difference you’ll find when you partner with Brown Davis.

We see it as a way to solve a strategic problem and assist our clients in implementing and executing their critical objectives and realizing their business goals. We know even with the best strategy or the best technology, the right talent will be the catalyst for the business to succeed.

Is it related to leadership gaps? Workflow challenges? Expansion goals? Misalignment between business and talent strategy?

No two talent challenges are the same; therefore, our collaboration with your company is the key to your success. Let’s dive deep and uncover how to help your business win.

The Value of Diversity

Procuring A Diverse Talent Pool

Diversity plays an increasingly important role for companies who look to forge ahead.

In fact, McKinsey and Company stated, “More diverse companies, we believe, are better able to win top talent and improve their customer orientation, employee satisfaction, and decision making, and all that leads to a virtuous cycle of increasing returns.

Brown Davis works thoughtfully to bring diverse candidates into the mix as we believe broader representation helps organizations in every possible way.

Retained Executive SearchRetained Executive Search
Find the right Person

Retained Executive Search

Leaders are a critical component of any company - casting vision, defining culture, and paving the course for the success of a company.

A capable leader can be the clear competitive advantage to the success of your company.

Our experience has shown us that it takes a very thoughtful and deliberate recruiting process to find the next executive for your company. We partner with your company to look beyond the conventional talent pool. This includes passive talent and up-and-comers, finding candidates that may otherwise go unnoticed.

We challenge clients to identify the types of leaders they want heading their company and in return, we bring a diverse and dynamic pool of candidates to the table. We help with:

  • Board Member, C-Suite, Executive, Management and Consultant Levels
  • Board Advisory Services 
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Development

If you're ready for change, we're here to help.

Get Sound Advice


Brown Davis is more than another executive recruiting firm focused on completing order tickets and treating our clients and candidates as transactions.  We partner with our clients to address their biggest challenges and opportunities.  We know that for our clients to succeed in their businesses, they must blend digital and human capabilities.

Brown Davis has extensive industry know-how and expertise through its affiliated advisors that allow it to partner with its clients and provide insights on their strategies, capabilities, and market edges.  This "partnership" leads not only to more well-defined strategies but to bringing in the specific talent to allow the clients to succeed. Specifically, we can help with:

  • Talent Market Analysis and Mapping
  • Diversity Mapping
  • Succession Planning
  • High-Performance Leadership Coaching
  • Business and Talent Strategy Alignment
  • Digital Transformation
Interim Executive PlacementInterim Executive Placement
Keep Things Rolling

Interim Executive Placement

There are instances in your organization when you're not ready to hire a permanent executive but need interim leadership to stand in the gap. Brown Davis can help assess your situation and find a qualified executive to lead your team temporarily.

This individual can help buy your company time while providing organizational stability and unbiased expertise. There's no doubt your organization and leadership could use an extra set of hands during a vacancy.

Save time on your search and let us help you get back on your feet.

Start-Up and Growth ExpansionStart-Up and Growth Expansion
Here for the Ride

Start-Up and Growth Expansion

Among the endless and exciting challenges start-ups face, finding and attracting talent ranks at the top. Whether you're an early or late stage start-up or a greenfield start-up inside an existing corporation, we can help give you the boost you'll need to reach that next milestone.

Don't let your start-up miss capital raises or key deliverables because you don't have the right talent in place. The right leadership talent in a new venture or business unit might be the difference between a positive ROI or sunk costs.
We realize work at a start-up can ebb and flow, requiring specialized knowledge beyond what's available. Sometimes that means a capable leader who can hit the ground running or an entire team to meet a crucial deadline.

Whether it's an advisory board member, senior executive or go-to-market launch team, we have the knowledge and experience to bring in the resources you need to propel your rocketship. We're agile, flexible, and available to help you conquer the challenge.
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